JIRA - Solution Manager V1

This template allows fully flexible mapping of fields and texts for process types of your choice and is not limited to Focused Build.

Use this template if you are interested in synchronizing ChaRM or ITSM scenarios from the Solution Manager. This template uses our own Cross ALM OData/API and is compatible with all FB versions.

SAP Configuration

This page explains the the configuration on Jira side, for configuration on SAP side refer to the following page: https://crossalm2.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JXFB/pages/6234145869

Jira Configuration


The user that is executing the configuration on Jira side needs to be member of at least one of the following groups:

  • jira-administrators

  • cross-connector-admin

The later group needs to be created manually in your Jira instance.

Connection Profile

All basic mapping operators have to be mapped here such as an external reference URL of the Solution Manager.

Please refer to this page and its sub-pages for detailed instructions on how to set up configurations https://crossalm2.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JXFB/pages/6234145920.

Configuration Profile

Keep the name of the External System Configuration Profile maintained in the mapping view cluster in Solution Manager.

Full set-up of this table is detailed in the SAP section https://crossalm2.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JXFB/pages/6234145869. During it's set up you can define the names for the values used here.


Status Mapping

Every status in Jira can be mapped to a designated external status in the Solution Manager.

The external status specified has to be the technical status definition of the Solution Manager.

If requirements in SolMan should be created by creating a Jira ticket or by changing its status, make sure that external status E0001 is mapped accordingly.

For more information check

User Mapping

All partner fields in Jira can be mapped so that they are sent to the Solution Manager and are synced to their designated partner functions.

The following JSON keys are available:




Please keep in mind that the users maintained in these fields need to be mapped in section

4 Master Data → in order to be synchronized.

Text Mapping

All single- and multiline text fields can be used for synchronization as well as the Jira standard field “Description”.

For more information check .


Available JSON keys:




Field Mapping

In this section all arbitrary fields can be mapped that did not fit the previous categories.

Check out this page for a more detailed explanation

Mandatory Mapping:


Has to be used for mapping the Summary/Title of the Jira ticket


Available JSON keys for free mapping





IVDUEDATE (currently only available for outbound)

If you want to synchronize the Due Date field from Jira to SAP, please use the function “Convert to SAP Date”

IVCATEGORY (currently only available for outbound)

The full list of available fields is mentioned in the following page .

As the names imply these fields are intended to specific functionalities but they can be specifically mapped to other use cases as well.

Please refer to the SAP side of configuration for additional information