Cross Connector

Our Cross Connector Solutions connect Jira with SAP Solution Manager.

Our product line CC5, also called SAP Cross Connector for Jira / Transport Management System or TMS Cross Connector, is used to integrate Jira with SAP Change and Transport System (SAP TMS/CTS) without using Change Request Management as middelware. There is no Focused Build or ChaRM or QGM needed. There is no code or customizing needed in managed systems. You will be able to create, release, delete, couple, decouple and import transport requests in your SAP systems 100% controlled by Jira. This plugin consists of two pieces: Jira and SAP side.

Our product line CC4, also called SAP Cross Connector for Jira / Solution Manager or Solman Cross Connector, is able to interlink Jira tickets with SAP Solution Manager tickets like Incidents, Problems, Service Requests (ITSM) or Business Requirements, IT Requirements (Requirements Managements) or Request for Changes, Normal Changes, Urgent Changes, Standard Changes, Administration Changes, General Changes (ChaRM) or Changes, Urgent Changes (QGM). You will be able to establish a bidirectional synchronization including data replication and status control. We are using our own OData services. This plugin consists of two pieces: Jira and SAP Solution Manager side.

Additionally CC4 is able to connect Jira with Focused Build Request 2 Deploy (FB R2D) processes like Requirements, User Stories, Work Packages, Work Items. Here we are using SAPs Focused Build OData services. This plugin consists of one piece: Jira side (since we are using the existing Focused Build OData services).

Please note that the integration scenario you are requesting might need our Jira or our Jira and SAP pieces.

For more details on our cross connector solutions, please have a look at the sub pages of this documentation or get in touch with us.