CC4 DC Versions Release Notes

Please note that there may be dependencies between updating the SAP version and the Jira app version. We always recommend that you combine the matching version on SAP and Jira side for one CC4 version.

You can update the Jira app via Atlassian marketplace. For new transport request on SAP side please reach out to our and mention the version you need.

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CC4 DC Version

SAP (ABAP) version

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Release summary

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not released yet

Source code stabilization, improvements and fixes.

Bug fixs:

  • Attachment synchronization can now be deactivated in old solution. All attributes can be activated or deactivated by customizing in old and new solution.

  • Logging option “Application log” (logging of processing details in SLG1 log) is back (now also available in new solution). Legacy logging configuration is no longer needed. (Prior to this version both configurations were needed for activating the logging completely.)

  • New sync action /XALM/CC4_SX can now be used for CC4 DC as well. Issues with sending attachments and receiving error messages got fixed. Actions /XALM/CC4_CR and /XALM/CC4_UP are no longer needed but still working with some limitations.

  • Old and new sync action are now able to send predecessor ticket information to the external tool. CC4 is now able to link tickets bidirectionally. Jira can send parent-child details and Solman can send parent-child details. In the past these details were empty or wrong.

  • Sync of integer values (like Value Points and Effort Points) got fixed by removing trailing whitespaces (= sign) on sending to external tool.

  • Multiple issues on dealing with fallback/default values in attribute definition got fixed. (overwrite in child profile, force attribute sending, consider as external value consequently),

  • Error handling got improved. Performance got improved.


  • Some new attributes like Urgency, Impact, ProdecessorExtId are now supported for inbound and outbound.

  • ChaRM Release Data, Focused Build ITPPM data and Focused Build IT Requirement data are now supported for direction Solman to external.

  • Additionally support of URLs jump into (Focused Build) UI5 app instead of SAP CRM Web UI.

  • Attachment changes on SAP Solution Manager side are now logged in text log, immediately sending a sync to external tool if configured.

  • Possibility for sending sync to external tool asynchronously (instead of synchronously).

  • Value mapping is now supporting special control values “*” or “#ELSE#”, “!” or “#DELETE#” and ““ (space) or “#IGNORE#”. From now on attribute values can be removed/deleted if configured (previously attributes could be set or changed but never removed/deleted)




Feb 19, 2024

Minor Bugfix Jira side

Support for dropdown fields bi-directionally




Dec 14, 2023

Feature Enhancement

Support for Multi-Level Categorization with Jira field of type “cascading list” bi-directionally




Dec 5, 2023

Improved Error Logging

Additional stack traces added to the Jira log in case there is an issue




Nov 28, 2023

Enhanced Error Monitoring

Additional parameters added as well as the possibility to add multiple mail recipients




Nov 24, 2023

Prototype of Error Messaging

Including a 5th point in the app set up section that allows to send mails whenever the app throws an error.

The recipient mail can be set in the configuration profile




Aug 2, 2023


Support Attachments by new solution. Old solution was already supporting it.




Jun 23, 2023






May 8, 2023

Minor Bugfix SAP side

  • minor bugfix with partner data, date formats, message length, url and ticket creation

  • Supporting value mapping using special character “*”.




Mar 16, 2023

Minor Bugfix Jira side

  • minor bugfix with empty date fields




Mar 15, 2023

Changes in View Cluster Structure and Focused Build Integration Enhancements

  • keep improving our custom oData service to fully integrate Focused Build process types in SAP

  • added support for ISO 8601 date format

  • Changes in View Cluster Structure and Mapping options

Major update for View Cluster on SAP side to support Jira Cloud and additional features. As a CC4 DC user, please allow some extra time for testing and possibly adjusting the view cluster for this update.




Sep 22, 2022

Minor Enhancements

  • minor bugfixes




Sep 21, 2022

Compatibility with Jira 9

  • replaced an API functionality that was retired with the release of Jira 9.0.0




Sep 15, 2022

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Additional possibility to change the status of the Solution Manager Ticket immediately at creation to a customized status

  • In the previous version the ticket was saved multiple times by the interface, this behavior was cleaned up, so that only one save is performed per one call to the interface




Jul 7, 2022

Minor Enhancements

  • Improvement of mapping: The values from Solution Manager to Jira are now also mapped using the Mapping table in Solution Manager CC4 Configuration

  • Support of more than one Multi-Level Category Scheme within the Solution Manager Ticket

  • Creation of Solution Manager Ticket based on and linking to a Transaction Template (e.g. Incident Template, Change Request Template) is supported

  • Predecessor Product CC3 was decommissioned




Jun 8, 2022

Added support for multiple SAP scenarios

Increased mapping flexibility

Improved user-experience for the SAP-sided configuration

  • Missing translations added to the customizing views

  • Resolution of Issue regarding bug in mapping of empty SAP inbound process type, making it possible to create a ticket without sending a specified process type to SAP

  • Additional mapping objects SALES, SERVICE_H and SRV_REQ_H to map more fields within the customizing, e.g. incl. Short Description with up to 120 character, urgency or impact

  • 40 More fields are available for the synchronization: 10 partners, 10 texts, 10 dates and 10 custom fields

  • Customizing guide is available in SPRO

  • A Sync Log is available also on SAP side as an assignment block for the tickets. Optionally a SLG1 trace can be activated/ used for analyzing interface issues.

  • Template customizing was enhanced and a template for all standard process types are available

  • date-field support for direction SAP Solution Manager to Jira

  • Several technical code improvements and optimizations (remove duplicated methods, remove special logic, allow simple odata calls)




Apr 29, 2022

Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Bug fix for user-mapping




Apr 7, 2022

Minor Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for synchronization of attachments

  • Bug Fix for synchronization of Texts




Mar 23, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for synchronization of users

  • Bug fix for synchronization of attachments




Feb 16, 2022

Several minor bug fixes

  • Due Date can now be used with Jira Custom Fields

  • Bug fix for synchronization of attachments

  • Improved mapping of Categories to support long Categories names

  • One configuration template for Solution Manager

  • Bug fixing for SolMan Outbound Creation




Jan 13, 2022

New configuration fields available for Solution Manager V1 template

  • Due date and Categories are now supported and can be mapped in Solution Manager V1 template.

  • Bug fix for synchronization of attachments.

  • Official support of ITSM scenario (Incidents, ...) and Requirements Management scenario additionally to ChaRM scenario and Focused Build scenario.

  • One configuration template for Solution Manager

  • Mapped Jira values incoming to Solution Manager (e.g. categories, …) can now have up to 128 characters instead of only 64 characters




Dec 1, 2021

New Template for FB SP08





Nov 15, 2021

New Template for FB SP07





Oct 27, 2021

New feature of Additional Trigger to synchronize Issues





Oct 22, 2021

SAP Solution Manager full ChaRM Integration





Oct 6, 2021

SAP Solution Manager full ChaRM Integration

  • Status synchronization JIRA - SolMan (both directions)

  • Creation of Jira Tickets from SolMan

  • Attachment sync




Aug 18, 2021

Release for Data Center





Jul 2, 2021

New Template for R2D Process - Focused Build Work Packages and Work Items

The Cross Connector for Jira / Solution Manager now can fully support the E2E Requirements to Deploy (R2D) Process.

Now, besides the Focused Build Requirements that were already supported, we enabled, additionally, the synchronization of Focused Build Work Packages and Work Items.

For a short demo of the integration, please check the following video:




Jun 28, 2021

Performance improvement





Mar 25, 2021

New SAP Cross Connector for Jira / Solution Manager

  • UI Improvements in Issue Page

  • UI Improvements in the configuration page

  • Interface based on Template selection

  • Improvements on the Resync feature

  • Improvements on Master Data configuration